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The KMER TECH TIE CHAMPIONS is a national competition where entrepreneurs will take 3 months to develop and propose solutions in response to the impact of COVID-19.

This competition reward projects to launch a new product or service that meet the triple objective of participating in societal development, developing an innovative offering and integrating digital technologies into entrepreneurial dynamics,

This is only done in Health, Education and Business (Finance/Trade) to address the impact of COVID-19.

This is the framework for the KMER TECH TIE CHAMPIONS

The “KmerTech T-I-E champions” contest will reward the 6 best Product/Service-to-market solutions in 3 sectors: Health, Education and Finance/Commerce with 3 award categories:

– 2 Education Prize (EdTech)
– 2 Health Prize (HealthTech)
– 2 Finance/Commerce Prize (FinTech/E-commerce)

The Contest is accessible exclusively online.
Registration will be from December 10, 2021 to January 10, 2022 and applies to persons aged at least 18 years.

STEP 1: Mobilize at least 300 potential entrepreneurs who will apply for this call for applications.
2nd STEP: 1st Pre-selection of applications: A first selection of 1/3 of the applications collected 
(approximately 100 entrepreneurs) will be made by experts from the various sectors identified for this purpose and supervised by KmerTech.

STEP 3 : Training – assessment of candidates and 2nd selection: This will involve training the 1/3 of previously selected entrepreneurs who will be trained online on the key elements to develop their startups into a successful business, such as: the legal framework in Cameroon, financial and accounting fundamentals, marketing and branding techniques, sales methodology and project management.
Subsequently, a second selection will be made based on the evaluation made of each startup to select 18.

STEP 4: Training of 36 entrepreneurs (18 teams made up of 2 members each): this involves thoroughly training the 18 teams for 2 days and preparing them for the final pitch on Wednesday 09 February 2021.

STEP 5: PITCH DAY : “Pitch Day” This is the day when the finalists will make a final presentation of their projects after being trained and after professionals have been able to help them refine their project ideas.
This day, which will close the competition period, will be held during Youth Week, on Wednesday, February 09, 2022 to attract massive attention from youth, and capture their attention on the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The “ Pitch Competition” will have as final result the selection of 6 T-I-E champions among the 18 startups previously selected by the Innovative Entrepreneurship Support Structures (SAEI). KmerTech will organize a pitch event in one of the major technology cities: Douala with a panel of leading technology entrepreneurs, actors and experts from the various sectors concerned (Health, Education, Business).

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