Bochum Samuel Bache is O4C Youth of the Month for July 2019!


Welcome to July & Happy New Month!

Our Youth of the Month is Bochum Samuel Bache! Bochum Samuel Bache is a global peace ambassador, peace advocate, peace builder, global citizen, and global youth ambassador with different national and international networks across the globe. He is the Cameroon National Youth Delegate Commonwealth in the United Kingdom, Cameroon National Youth Delegate to Africa Youth Network in South Africa, Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador, Founder and Executive Director of YAPCEC (Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon).

Bochum is a youth empowerment and community development expert, peace and environmental consultant, inspirational and motivational speaker, map reading and interpretation analyst, diplomatic young leader, youth envoy for peace and democracy. He is community oriented on mobilization and sensitization, as well as conflict prevention and nonviolence specialist.

Bochum is passionate in working with young people across Cameroon, Africa and the world on training them on peace building, community leadership, good governance and democracy as fundamental areas to boost collective efforts between communities and leaders at all levels of policies and decision making to collaborate and work towards achieving solutions to community problems.

Bochum has empowered over 200,000 and more youths within various communities across Cameroon, Africa and the World on personal career development through creativity, innovation and invention to be self-reliance and financially buoyant to cub youths involvement in violence actions that disturb community peace and slow community development.

Bochum is focus on raising a new set of transform global peace and development democratic youth leaders to foster regional integration across borders to facilitate rapid development.

Bochum’s philosophy
1.Life is simple we need to treat it with care
2.Life is more about taking actions
3.Life is more of been Daring
4.Life is more of engaging
5.Life is more of getting involve
6.Life is more of participating
7.Life is more of collaborating
8.Life is more of patience and focus
9.Life is more of respect of all
10.Above all life is more of putting God first in all our endeavors.

In May 2016, Bochum Samuel Bache founded an international youth led nongovernmental organization called Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon (YAPCEC) with vision to be one of the leading youth network in the promotion of Peace, environmental education and community development in Cameroon, Africa and the World. He has the mission to provide youths with relevant skills and knowledge that will empower them access opportunities to improve their lives and communities. He has been able to achieve this goal with branches of YAPCEC in over 4 African countries involved in community youth and peace capacity building through entrepreneurship and leadership skills both onsite and online platforms.

Bochum has impacted more than 200,000 youths across the world through the different platforms he belongs both online and onsite through his outreach programs, advocacy, capacity and humanitarian gesture in conferences, workshops, and seminars in both urban and rural areas in and out of Cameroon.

On Awards and Recognition

Bochum Samuel Bache has been decorated with honors and congratulations alongside memberships into different local and international platform as recognition for his service to humanity and advancement of peace culture around the world.

  • Receive Recognition for the 2019 BOOKS for PEACE Awards in Rome/Italy by FUNVIC EUROPA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY.
  • Receive Certificate of Honor as Peace Mentor by IbuidAfrica, Morocco.
  • Received Certificate of honor as a Global Active Youth Citizen by JCI –United State of America
  • Receive Recognition as Global Climate Reality Leader
  • Receive Recognition as Global Youth Leader
  • Receive Recognition as Global Goodwill Ambassadors
  • Receive Recognition as Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy
  • Received Recognition as Global Peace Ambassador
  • Received Recognition as Inspiring Youth Leader
  • Recognized by the commonwealth secretariat as Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador
  • Recognized as by the Commonwealth secretariat Trainer of Trainers among others.

Bochum Samuel Bache is unique and humble youth leader with global mindset and critical observation, analysis and interpretation of contemporary community to global challenges thinking through them by proposing consultative ideas with local, regional and international institutions for possible solutions in addressing them. He is a Pan African community leader who advocate and promotes Africa cultures and values as heritage for posterity.

As part of the Commonwealth YouthCouncil National Delegate for Cameroon, he pushes and amplifies the voice of over 1.2 billion youths across the globe and encourages youth participation and promotion of the Commonwealth fundamental principles and values of Tolerance,Respect for the Rule of Law and Mutual Understanding alongside advancing Good governance, Justice, Gender Equality, Human Rights among others.

His Advice to the Youths

There best way to succeed is to look at yourself as a solution provider and problem solver. Youth should identify their area of interest at youthful stage and start building through service. The best way to start your dream is by starting with no capital as you appreciate it progress when it comes. Youths should learn to volunteer to gain skills, knowledge, trust, connection and support. Youth should be ready to receive rejection, discouragement, disappointment and failures. Youths should be able to do the dirty jobs as they build their dreams from crash and always be more of servant leaders to their dreams not bosses.Youths should endeavor to have mentors or coach on their developing dreams. Youths should keep a positive relationship with families and friends despite their weakness. Youths should be patient, humble, dedicated and committed to their dreams. Youths should respect rules and regulations governing their activities. Youths should put God at the first place in everything they do or intend to do by drawing close to God daily in prayers and direction on their dreams. May God bless you all my Dear friends, family and Development Agents across Cameroon, Africa and the World.

You can connect with Bochum Samuel Bache on Facebook!, Twitter! and LinkedIn!

Learn more about his organization Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon (YAPCEC)


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