Cameroon-based startup, Mungenow Technologies, launches $100,000 crowdfunding round


Mungenow is offering unique opportunity to invest in what could be the next big thing in Africa.

Mungenow Technologies, a tech startup based in Buea, Cameroon with a keen eye on the African market, is offering the opportunity to invest in what could be the next big thing in Africa.

Mungenow properties team
Mungenow properties team

The company has a very bold and ambitious vision that will see them having operations all over Africa in the next 10 years.

The startup launched two amazing platforms in 2019, Mungenow Properties and Mungenow Classified.

The property portal, has since simplified property search in over 8 cities in Cameroon by consolidating all vacant properties within these cities into one organized platform allowing users to browse through hundreds of options from the comfort of their smartphones or computers.

The classified platform on the other hand is a digital mall for used items of value.

Thanks to this platform, people living in Cameroon can now quickly and conveniently find buyers for second handed (used) items of value.

Job offers and other services such as catering and repairs have also been listed on the platform so far.

Mungenow Technologies co-founders – Aaron Munga and George Enow 

We learned from the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mungenow Technologies, Aaron Munga, since the official public launch of their platforms, they have recorded a steady flow of listings and continuous growth in traffic signaling a massive demand for such platforms.

Co-founder and CEO, Aaron Munga
Co-founder and CEO, Aaron Munga

Munga said: “Africa’s tech is the next big opportunity and Mungenow Technologies is leading the way”.

The startup was founded by Aaron Munga (mentioned above) and George Enow who is the Chief Technology Officer of the company.

Co-founder and CTO, Enow George
Co-founder and CTO, George Enow

Both are long time friends who are now combining their skills and experiences (Aaron is of a Finance and Business background while George is of a Technology background) to lead Africa’s technology future.

Mungenow Technologies crowdfunding 

Mungenow Technologies have now launched a public seed funding round to raise a seed capital of USD 100,000 with a minimum ticket amount of USD 1,000.

This amount they say will be invested in further product development, market penetration and expansion into Nigeria and Ghana.

This is a unique opportunity to secure a piece of what could possibly become the next Google, Facebook, Apple or Twitter at a very early stage.

To know more about how to participate in this round click HERE.