Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards for Female Entrepreneurs 2019 ($100,000 Prize)


DEADLINE: 31 August, 2018

Cartier is accepting applications for the 2019 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards for Female Entrepreneurs worldwide. The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is an annual international business plan competition created in 2006 to identify, support and encourage projects by women entrepreneurs.

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards are a joint partnership project initiated by Cartier, McKinsey & Company and INSEAD business school. The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards aims to encourage inspirational women entrepreneurs worldwide to solve contemporary global challenges by:

  • supporting and recognizing creative women who are making concrete contributions to finding solutions for the future of our planet
  • bringing these business solutions to the largest audience possible.

Cartier is looking for innovative and impact-driven women-led businesses. Each year, 21 finalists representing 7 regions (Latin America, North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Far East Asia, South-East Asia) are selected during the first round of the competition. These finalists are then invited to attend the Awards week (exact location still TBC) during which the second round of the competition takes place. After the final jury evaluation, 7 laureates, one for each region, are announced on stage during the Awards ceremony.


The 21 finalists, representing the top 3 projects from each of the 7 regions, will receive:

  • One-to-one personalized business coaching prior to the Awards week
  • A series of entrepreneurship workshops, knowledge sessions and networking events during the Awards week
  • Media visibility
  • A scholarship to attend the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship 6-Day Executive Programme (provided their business meets INSEAD’s eligibility criteria)
  • Networking opportunities through the Cartier Awards community and beyond

Winning packages

First prize for the 7 laureates:

  • US$ 100 000 in prize money
  • One-to-one personalized business mentoring

Second prize for the 14 finalists:

  • US$ 30 000 in prize money


  • Open to female entrepreneurs around the world
    • Latin America, North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Far East Asia, South-East Asia
  • Your business is a for-profit.
    • The business you enter into the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards competition should be designed to generate revenues. Non-profit project proposals are not accepted.
  • My business is generating revenue.
    • The business you enter into the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards competition must be generating revenue. It being understood that a business that is generating revenue is not necessarily profitable in its first years of operations.
  • Your business is between 1 and 3 years old.
    • Meaning that the company should have been incorporated between August 2015 and August 2017. Please note that we allow for a few months flexibility regarding this rule.
  • You are a woman and I hold the main leadership position in the business. I also own a significant stake in the company.
    • The main leadership position must be filled by a woman either in the capacity of Director, General Manager or CEO. She must also own a significant stake in the company. The ownership of the business is evaluated based on the position of the candidate in relation to other stakeholders.


In order to complete your application, you must submit the following attachments:

  • Resume
  • Business registration document
  • Proof of patent (if applicable)
  • Detailed financials
  • Latest company tax returns
  • A receipt from tax authorities indicating that you have filed your tax returns (or not filed your taxes if you are exempted)
  • An up-to-date capitalization table

It is recommended that you check that you have all of these documents available before starting your application.

For any questions, send an email to

Click here to apply.

For More Information:

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