Co-creation Hub’s AUIA Associate Programme seeks Student Ambassadors 2018


DEADLINE: 25 June, 2018

The AUIA Associate Programme (AAP), powered by Co-creation Hub, seeks student ambassadors. Are you a student of an African Tertiary institution interested in gathering data for academic research purposes? Interested in becoming a student ambassador for your University? Apply now!

AAP, by Co-creation Hub is a strategic associate programme aimed at engaging students of African tertiary institutions as ambassadors to build the AUIA research repository by spotting groundbreaking academic research projects from their Universities. The programme will engage students in the process of spotting and gathering data on academic research projects across Nigeria.

This programme equips university students with the skills to gather news and data on innovative research projects within their universities. The goal is to keep people up to date on the latest academia research projects.

Research at Universities in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is very often under-reported locally either because academics see their work as private or they are unaware of the platforms and opportunities available for them to showcase their work. AAP exists to try and improve this by getting students excited about academic research and tasking them with spotting academic research projects worth sharing from their Universities.

Duration: 3 months


  • Reward of $5 for each innovative research project!
  • Opportunity to be apart of groundbreaking research discoveries in your University.
  • Opportunity to attend AUIA workshops across tertiary institutions in Africa.
  • Develop career readiness skills including: communication, writing, news gathering, research and critical thinking.
  • Potential for internship opportunities with CcHUB.
  • Develop and expand your network within the tech community.
  • Gain transferable professional and personal skills that will develop your employability and enhance your resume.
  • Develop career readiness skills including: communication, writing, news gathering, research and critical thinking.


They need research-minded and high performing students from a variety of disciplines within Universities that meet these requirements:

  • University Status: Participants must be enrolled in a programme in a university
  • Proven Written Skills: Participants must have evidence of excellent written skills
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision: Candidates should be able to work independently, without constant supervision.

They are looking for students that can:

  • Arouse their peers’ interest in research and innovation.
  • Act as a CcHUB ambassador on campus.
  • Gather meaningful information on the latest innovation and research in their university.
  • Attain a deep understanding of AUIA and its importance.


Click here to apply.

For more information:

Visit the Official Webpage of AUIA Associate Programme