Dr. Sangwe Clovis Nchinjoh is O4C Youth of the Month for October 2019!


Welcome to October & Happy New Month!

Our Youth of the Month is Dr. Sangwe Clovis Nchinjoh! Dr. Sangwe Clovis Nchinjoh is a Medical Doctor currently practicing in Manoka District Hospital and also the Founder and CEO of Rural Doctors, a non-profit organisation with aim to beat preventable deaths in remote rural areas especially among vulnerable population such as pregnant women, children less than 5 years of age, internally displaced persons, refugees and the elderly.

In 2013, he founded an association of health oriented persons called The Medicz. It was principally aimed at inspiring and bringing together health oriented persons especially students to identify problems in their communities and impact change. He used this platform to inspire and build a team that carried out many community projects including 7days and 3days health missions in 6 different villages, reaching out to over 2000 vulnerable patients with free health care services (including Minor and major surgeries, laboratory investigations, medical consultation, ultrasonography).

He also organised 2 different editions of first aid and leadership training programs with a total of over 200 participants. Thanks to this initiative a lot of health promotion was carried out through radio talks, sensitisation match pass, open mass sensitisation campaigns, workshops and seminars on HIV/AIDS, Ebola and other communicable and non-communicable diseases including over 1000 free screening and counselling for HIV and over 2000 free screening exercises for Hypertension.

In order to inspire and motivate health oriented students to think out of the box and serve their communities, he organised 2 weekly learning forums on capacity building in Bamenda, Buea and Limbe. His work has touched more than 500 youths.

Following graduation, he has practiced mostly in rural areas which has been quite revealing. He has watched kids die from preventable illnesses; seen women deliver at home primarily because of inaccessibility to health care services; watched patients die at home due to ignorance and poverty. Their tears moulded him to what he is today, a Rural Doctor who is passionate about serving the vulnerable in remote rural communities.

He realised that practice in rural areas is quite challenging and so in order to best serve, he must make extra sacrifices. He used his personal earnings and local resources to adapt his practice in rural areas including the use of fishing torch light to carry out surgical interventions (Manoka District Hospital has no electricity and is a 3 hours trip in water from Douala. Public boat leaves just once a day. Implying there are no other options to get to Douala on time in case of a medical emergency) and the use of phone torchlight to view specimens on the microscope. Delivery in Manoka is mainly at home so to fight maternal death, he does door-to-door free antenatal clinic (over 80 pregnant women benefited already) whenever he is financial viable to do so.

He decided to create a non-profit organisation (Rural Doctors) that will open doors to collaborate with others and impact even more vulnerable persons in remote communities. Today he has a team of about 80 volunteers and have reached out to over 1000 internally displaced persons from the Northwest and Southwest Regions with free health care services including surgical interventions, mass sensitisation to avert consequence of overcrowding including epidemics, ultrasonography, antenatal clinic for pregnant internally displaced persons, dental consultation and procedures.

These projects including the free monthly antenatal clinic offered to a pregnant internally displaced lady in Douala are all self-sponsored and supported by members of the board with cost cut backs thanks to partnerships. He trained 20 volunteers on selfless volunteerism through a 1 week practical workshop and health mission in Foumbot, West Region of Cameroon.

He is currently designing a local emergency system to be implemented in remote rural areas where there is poor health care access and no ambulance system. He is setting up many more health missions to help internally displaced persons and partnering with hospitals to provide free Antenatal clinic to displaced persons that cannot afford.

His Advice to the Youths

Help a vulnerable person for no reason. We all need each other to stay alive and live our dreams irrespective of our origin or social status.

You can connect with Dr. Sangwe Clovis Nchinjoh on Facebook!

Learn more about his non-profit organisation Rural Doctors.


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