Felix Fomengia is O4C Youth of the Month for February 2019!


Welcome to February & Happy New Month!

Our Youth of the Month is Felix Fomengia! Felix Fomengia is one of those 21st century geeks whom you will definitely not want to associate with if you are among those with doubtful priorities who spend the better part of their time trying to look cool and as such mostly miss out on the more critical and intriguing things of life and youth, mostly casting them of as boring. But if you are an ambitious person with a game plan who craves impact and longs to make a difference then you already have an instant connection with him. Felix Fomengia took interest in computer programming in his first cycle days, but before that his love for computers and everything digital has always stood out clearly.

His interest in the digital world grew wildly in his freshman year in the University of Buea and he decided to drift from being a consumer to be amongst the pacesetters in the digital world. With this resolve he decided to begin coding. His admiration for inventors in the domain of high-tech such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Larry Page and Sergei Brin of Google led him to self-teach himself the dynamics of the various programming languages permitting him to be able to build blogs for a start, then he went ahead to learn how to build websites and he arrived a significant milestone in his art when he learned how to develop Android apps.

The word “app” is actually a short form for application which in the world of high-tech refers to computer software or programme which is mostly small and written for mobile devices. And Felix taught himself how to build such programmes from scratch using content from Youtube and other online learning platforms.

Felix did not just want to build apps, he wanted to identify a problem, attack it and be able to bring the solution to your mobile device. As such one of his first apps which was launched on the Google play store was “Coder’s Motivation”. This app provides motivational quotes, the theories and profiles of people who revolutionized the way the computer is being used and the way coding is done. It is aimed at boosting up the morale of those learning how to code and those who can already code. He developed this app to help people who are in the same field as he is because he understands the pains and difficulties that come with sleepless nights of coding; as such he decided to do an app to motivate coders.

He also developed two apps “C Code Tutor” and “C++ Code Tutor” which help train other coders on how to use some specific kinds of programming languages so they can step up their game. Later on, he decided to do an app which will save all of us the stress of memorizing all MTN USSD codes, he called the app “MTN All Codes”. This app proved it was worth its salt so much so that the users of the other mobile networks started asking for their own version. That is how “Orange All Codes”, “Nextel All Codes”, “CAMTEL All Codes”, “Yoomee All Codes” and even “MTN Nigeria All Codes” came about.

He is also the developer of Cameroon’s number one educational app named “CAMEROON GCE GUIDE” and a host of others which include games and other brain bursting apps. This educational app comprises GCE past questions and study guides to help students better prepare for their GCE examinations in Cameroon. Felix emphasizes that he wouldn’t build apps for the sake of building them, he is very much obsessed about creating value that will be of real benefit to the users of his apps.

Felix took it upon himself to delve into the monetization of his skill, hence the creation of “Light Gate Solutions” which is a high tech startup which has interest in helping individuals and groups embrace and explore the advantage the digital age gives us. He already has developed websites and applications for several firms and he looks forward to creating a kind of Cameroonian Silicon Valley which will be a melting pot of all tech enthusiasts in Cameroon.

So far he counts more than 15+ apps to his names on the Google app store with a cumulative number of downloads which is somewhere above 5,000. He is currently working on some updates in order to improve the user experience of his customers. He is one of those who received the Google Africa Scholarship for 2018, permitting him to access a Google android developer nanodegree course at no cost at all.

On Awards and Recognition

In 2018, his “Cameroon GCE Guide App” won “BEST MOBILE APP” of the year at the Bonteh Digital Media Awards. The app was also nominated for the Digital Citizenship SDGs Awards for Promotion of SDG Goal 4 (Quality Education) at the 2018 Digital Citizenship Summit in Cameroon.

In same year (2018), Felix Fomengia was featured among the 100 personalities inspiring Cameroon in the category “IT & Innovation” by Inspire237 Magazines of YES CAMEROON. He also received the award for Best Education Project at the Premium Awards 2018 (Projects Award Contest by the College of Technology, University of Buea.

His Advice to the Youths

“Youths must first believe in their selves, this is primary. You must love what you and have passion for it. I believe you can achieve what so ever you put your mind on, so rather start working on your dreams, no time to waste”

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Learn more about his startup company Light-Gate Solutions Inc.


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