Nkemcha Martin Tiku is O4C Youth of the Month for April 2019!


Welcome to April & Happy New Month!

Our Youth of the Month is Nkemcha Martin Tiku! Nkemcha Martin Tiku is a servant leader, youth counsellor, rule of law officer, human rights educator and social entrepreneur. He is YALI Regional Leadership Center Accra Ghana cohort 9 fellow, 2015 Cameroon Youth volunteer and 2014 Cameroon Leadership Academy Fellow. He has volunteered for Cameroon National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development through the Ministey of Youth Affairs and civic education where he educated youths in South West region of Cameroon on civic values.

He is also a volunteer with the Economy of Communion International Incubation Network (EoC-IIN) Hub Cameroon where they train young entrepreneurs to do business with EoC values. In 2012 he founded ROBOGA organisation, a not for profit organisation which has as goal empowering the new generation through counselling, orientation, mentorship, civic education, community volunteerism, human rights education, agriculture and livestock.

Since January 2019 his organisation ROBOGA in collaboration with EoC-IIN, AECAC, N&M Beads Perfection and BelosyThreadWear have trained 150 internally displaced persons (IDPs) now living in Yaounde and Dschang following the crisis in the two English Speaking Regions of Cameroon on some income generating activities.

They plan training more in Douala and Bafoussam in the coming weeks. Beside his servant leadership and volunteerism activities, he owns TRANSFORMERS a training network business startup where he is mentoring 20 business students from CITEC Higher Institute of Technology and Management Yaounde to conquer the market.

On Awards and Recognition

His works earned him being selected as 2019 Cameroon Youth MP for Lebialem constituency in February 2019. In December 2018, he was appointed as YALI West Africa Alumni Association Cameroon National Outreach Chairman. He recieved an award as YALI Star of Civil Society Leadership and Management, Accra Ghana Regional Leadership Centre cohort 9 in March 2018.

He is a 2016 Cameroon REPAIR Peace Ambassador. In Febraury 2016 ROBOGA was Awarded as one of the “Best Youth Empowerment Organisation” in South West Region of Cameroon during the Golden Jubilee of Youth Day in Cameroon. He is also a 2014 – 2015 Cameroon Leadership Academy Servant Leader.

His Advice to the Youths

“Until your idea becomes a song, no one will sing nor dance it. For this reason they must persist in everything they do.”

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Learn more about his organization ROBOGA


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