Noel Tasha is O4C Youth of the Month for June 2019!


Welcome to June & Happy New Month!

Our Youth of the Month is Noel Tasha! Noel Tasha is a young Entrepreneur, a Speaker, Inspirational Leader, Global Shaper, Pan Africanist, Role Model and a Life Coach passionate about inspiring and empowering youths/people with the right mindset and skills to drive change in the personal, professional and entrepreneurship journey. He believes it is the pathway to achieve significance.

His mission is to raise young people’s leadership, personal growth and entrepreneurship awareness and help them become the best of themselves by taking them through the process of intentional growth, finding clarity of purpose and expansion of their vision.

His philosophy :

1. Our lives are like seeds. We can only become the tree we were meant to become when we are planted into another life.

2. The mind is the controller of everything. We can not become more than our minds.

3. Love is the master key.

4. Everything rises and fall on leadership, personal development and entrepreneurial thinking.

5. Perfection is not a goal. Consistent progress is.

6. We can do nothing without God.

In 2016, Noel Tasha founded a personal brand called the Noel Tasha Inspire with the mission to inspire and empower people with the right mindset and skills in employability, leadership and entrepreneurship in a bit to curb the leadership and unemployment vacuum in Africa.

Noel Tasha in the past 3 years has impacted and transform the lives of more than 150.000 youths through coaching, inspirational writeups/articles with more than 5000 reads daily and through speaking in conference, workshop and youth empowerment programs.

On Awards and Recognition

Noel Tasha through his short journey has received some awards and giving some accolades for his impact in the community, nation and the continent:

  • Received a DigCit SDG Award for the Promotion of SDG16 from the Digital Citizenship Institute (DCI) USA in partnership with Positive Youths Africa (PYA) at the 2018 Digital Citizenship Summit Cameroon.
  • Recognised as a “Youth Influencer” by Commonwealth Cameroon and Local Youth Corner
  • Named Global Goodwill Ambassador.
  • 2017 Ambassador for Motivating Africa
  • Ambassador for Empower Vision
  • 100 Most Inspiring African Youth 2018 by Positive Youth Africa
  • Featured by 237 Inspire Magazine as one of the 100 people who inspire Cameron 2018.

As a Pan African Youth, Noel Tasha believe in an Africa where young people will be empowered, supported, harnessed and invested in their potential, a continent that will be empowered by Africans themselves and driven by her youths. He is a member of many Pan African Movements and Commissions like the African Youth Union Commission (AYUC) where he act as the special advisor to the bureau of the chairperson, a member of the Pan Africa Youth Movement, Africa Patriotic Youth Council, among others.

His Advice to the Youths

“Youths should stay focused, seek deligently to discover their purpose and what they’re passionate about. Once they do that, every other thing become easily. They should never seek for shortcuts all the time. For success through shortcuts never last. But hard work, determination, focus patience and resilience will take them there. That’s how incremental success is being achieve. Keep working and never give up. There are always better days ahead.”

You can connect with Noel Tasha on Facebook!, Twitter! and LinkedIn!

Learn more about his personal brand NOEL TASHA INSPIRE


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