Technovation Girls Competition 2021 for Global Problem Solvers ($10,000 Prize + Trip to San Francisco)



Registrations are open for the 2021 Technovation Girls Competition. Technovation Girls is a free technology-based program for girls ages 10 – 18. It is a movement of girls, mentors, and educators working together to learn and apply technology skills to change the world.

How it works

Working in teams (of 1 to 5), girls find a problem in their community and build a mobile app to help solve it. Along the way, they develop their collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Technovation Girls will take 30+ hours to complete (we recommend allocated about 12 weeks to finish) and is completely free.


Technovation Girls students create solutions to community problems using technology. As a student you will:

  • Identify a problem that matters to your community
  • Learn to code an app that solves the problem, and develop other skills along the way!
  • Collaborate with peers and learn from industry mentors

Technovation Girls mentors guide the next generation of global problem-solvers. As a mentor you will:

  • Support one or more teams on their learning journey
  • Develop skills while aspiring girls to lead and make change
  • Network and share best practices with peers from Salesforce, Google, Cisco, Adobe, HSBC, GM, AT&T, & more


  • Any girl or young woman (ages 10-18) interested in Technovation Girls is eligible to participate. They welcome all transgender people and also those who identify as non-binary or gender nonconforming and want to be part of a female-identified environment, including student participants.
  • To join the competition, a girl must create or join a team on our online platform, have a parent/guardian sign the consent form and meet the following Student Participation criteria:
    • All students must be between the ages of 10 to 18 as of August 1, 2021.
    • All students must identify as female, trans, nonbinary or gender nonconforming. Students who are assigned male at birth and self-identify as male cannot enter the competition.
    • Teams are composed of 1 to 5 students. Students can only join 1 team. There is no limit on the number of mentors per team.
    • Competition Divisions are based on the age of the oldest student on the team.
    • Students can participate in Technovation Girls for multiple seasons until they reach the age of 18
      • Students can work with the same team members and mentors, but they cannot submit the materials to competition over multiple years.
      • Teams can explore the same problem, but the app prototype must be different each year.

Technovation Girls is a self-select program and there is no application or selection process.

Do you want to volunteer as a mentor? Here are the eligibility details:

  • Mentors must be over the age of 18
  • Mentors can be of any gender
  • Mentors do not need any experience or background in technology
  • Mentors can be Technovation Girls alumni
  • To mentor a team you will need to register and complete the following information:
    • Consent form
    • Background Check (US mentors only)
    • Short biography about yourself
    • Participate in a 30-minute training which includes basics about the program, student safety and competition requirements


Here are the important dates to remember as you complete the program.

  • October 12, 2020: Registration Opens for students and mentors
  • January 11, 2021:  Official Start of Season
  • March 12:  Last Day to Register as a student or mentor (All members of your team must have registered and joined your team).
  • March 29: Judge registration opens for volunteers who’d like to help provide feedback to teams
  • April 19, 23:59 UTC : Competition Submission Deadline. 
  • April 22 – May 5: Round 1 Online Judging. Note: due to COVID-19, all official judging must happen online.
  • June 2: We will announce semifinalists via email.
  • June 2 – June 16: Round 2Semifinal Online Judging.
  • Late June/Early July: Competition results released recognizing 12 finalists teams and 10 Regional Winners. Teams will be able to access their scores and certificates at this time.
  • August: Technovation World Summit, where we celebrate the hard work of teams across the world!

Click here to apply. as a student or mentor.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Website of Technovation Girls Competition 2021 for Global Problem Solvers