Transdisciplinary Innovation Program 2018 at Hebrew University Entrepreneurship Center (Scholarships Available)


DEADLINE: 15 May, 2018

The Transdisciplinary Innovation Program 2018 is now open for applications. Located at the Hebrew University, Safra Campus, the Transdisciplinary Innovation Program brings entrepreneurs, scientists, designers and engineers together from around the world for the purpose of learning and innovation through a trans-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Their aim is to inspire and empower leaders to apply integrated knowledge for the next generation of innovative ideas.

The summer program is 7 weeks long, taking place from June 24, 2018 to August 9, 2018. The first five weeks of the program fellows will learn several academic disciplines and technologies, namely, Bio-engineering/Bio-technology, Computer Vision, Cyber-Security, Futurism, Cognitive Computing, Design and Entrepreneurship. And in the last two weeks, students will be given the time and resources to start new companies in teams with their class mates, using their knowledge and tools acquired during the summer.


  • Get the opportunity to learn from and interact with professors and industry experts who are advancing research in and working with the latest cutting-edge technologies.
  • World class curriculum, hands-on workshops, interactive group discussions, behind the scene tours at major technology companies and historic cultural tours around Israel.

Cost and Scholarship

Tuition for the program is $5500 (excluding travel expenses, accommodation and dinner).

However a limited number of full and partial scholarships are available for outstanding candidates.


  • TIP recruits entrepreneurs, designers, leaders, scientists and engineers from around the world of whom are looking learn about breakthrough research in emerging and disruptive technologies.
  • They typically accept post graduate academics (Phd, Masters and MBA’s), as well as young professionals particularly those who are looking to learn and apply the disruptive technologies to impact -focused business ventures.
  • Fellowship is awarded regardless of financial status, academic background, gender and citizenship.


Complete this application form to secure your place. Applications close 15 May 2018.

For more information:

Visit Transdisciplinary Innovation Program Webpage